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Our desire is to create a space where the advocates and survivors in our community come together to discuss the impact abuse continues to have in our lives. Our vision for accomplishing this has two parts:

Courage Conversations Lancaster and The Empowerment Gathering.

Courage Conversations Lancaster is a half-day conference created by Ashley Easter and facilitated by Speak Truth Ministries. This conference is modeled after Ashley's national Courage Conference and will have a focus on education and affirmation. The Empowerment Gathering will be a networking and brainstorming opportunity for anyone who has a heart to see change in this area. These two separate events are designed to work in tandem with one another and strengthen our resolve to make a difference.

We need both - to hear and learn from others as well as to be heard and to be learned from. This annual event will join our voices together as we continue to help those who are survivors of abuse. 



In order to make our events possible and beneficial to everyone who attends, we are in need of dependable volunteers who have a heart for the abused. If you are interested in finding out more about the volunteer roles available, please reach out to us at thrivebravely@gmail.com or submit a message here.


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