Conference Schedule

Here's A Tentative Look At Our Day


Session 1

9 AM

Rochelle Matthews Stoltfuz
Dr. Cathy Hoshauer
Angela Barlow

Session 2

10 AM

Andrea McHenry
Susan Hall
Gloria Francis

Session 3

11 AM

Lizz Durbin
Liria Forsythe
Matthew Pappas

Session 4

12 PM

Jimmy Hinton, Keynote
Q&A Panel

Empowerment Gathering

1 PM - 4 PM  Eden Resort & Suites

Immediately following Courage Conversations Lancaster, we are inviting all abuse survivors, support systems, and advocates to join us for a luncheon with our conference speakers.

The Empowerment Gathering is including professionals from across Lancaster, Berks, York, and Chester Counties can connect with one another. We want to see abuse survivors get the justice and healing they deserve and we can only do that when we join together and bridge those professions in support of abuse survivors. 

There will be a limited number of tickets available for purchase at the Courage Conversations for those who did not pre-purchase Empowerment Gathering tickets.