With Immense Gratitude

The women and men who participated in Courage Conversations Lancaster 2019 are greatly appreciated for their voice in our communities. We received incredible feedback for the education and inspiration given by these advocates, and because of that, it is with excitement we are setting a date for the next Courage Conversations Lancaster.


What To Expect

We're so excited about the speakers at this year's Courage Conversations Lancaster, including our keynote speaker, Jimmy Hinton. Advocates and survivors will be coming to talk about many important topics from the signs of child abuse, predators in our communities, effective therapy for trauma, and giving support to those who have been affected. 

While this conference is focused on sexual abuse survivors, we want to invite survivors of any form of abuse to come and to bring those trusted people in your lives who are walking through this with you. None of us can do this alone, nor should we have to. 

As a world, we can never be too educated about the topic of abuse and how to respond to it in a way that promotes healing and validation for the victims. Join us as we continue to keep those conversations alive in our communities!


Jimmy Hinton

Finding Hope In The Storm

In 2011, Jimmy’s sister confided in him that she had been sexually abused when she was a young child by their father, a former minister of 27 years. Jimmy reported his father to authorities which resulted in his confession of 23 victims and a conviction of 30-60 years in Pennsylvania state corrections facility. 

Jimmy researches deception techniques of child molesters and specializes in abuse in plain sight. Jimmy is a certification specialist with G.R.A.C.E (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment), serves on the board at PorchSwing Ministries, and recently joined Pennsylvanians United to Protect Children.

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Rochelle Matthew Stoltzfus

The Courage To Re-Story

Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus is a Licensed Professional Counselor; Certified in EMDR, she specializes in treating many kinds of trauma. Her private practice, In Process Counseling, exists to provide quality mental health services and inspire individuals and helping professionals to engage the process of learning, healing, and holistic growth - more specifically developing insight, becoming whole, and choosing courageous action. Her vision is to transform individuals, families, and communities through mental health services, by helping clients develop their full potential to live wholeheartedly and positively impact their personal and professional circles. She is passionately working to live a meaningful life and help others pursue the same. In her personal life, she enjoys good conversation, being in nature, and spending time with the people she loves.

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Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP

Moving Past The Shame Of Being A Male Survivor.

Matt is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner at BeyondYourPast.com, as well as a Podcast Host and Survivor Advocate. He specializes in helping clients overcome the debilitating anxiety that holds them back, and working with trauma survivors as they navigate daily life. As a trauma informed coach and survivor himself, he is keenly aware of the unique struggles that survivors must work through in order to heal. 

In addition to his own coaching business, he also is the co-host of the Daily Recovery Support Calls on CPTSDfoundation.org, which offers trauma informed support, 7 days a week...and he operates TealRibbonCreations.com - a web design and podcasting service for Mental Health Professionals, Advocates, and Survivors. 

His weekly podcast, which is part of the Mental Health News Radio Network, features coaches, clinicians, and advocates who use their life story and their work, to inspire others to overcome what has been holding them back. The podcast receives thousands of listens each month and has been in existence since 2016.

Matt believes that we all have the power inside of us to take our life back from anxiety and overcome what's been holding us back from being the person we truly want to be. 


Liria Forsythe

When We Walk Alone

Liria Forsythe is an author, speaker, and advocate for sexual abuse survivors. She chooses to boldly tell her own story of abuse so that other survivors might understand they don’t have to heal alone.

Through her non-profit, Speak Truth Ministries, Liria is able to bridge the gaps in compassion within the community to survivors of abuse. She works with organizations to shift their mindset, focusing on treating survivors with dignity and kindness.

Because of her experiences, Liria is currently working on projects for parents to help them educate their children against abuse rather than shelter them from it.

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Lizz Durbin

Making the Wounds Visible: Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Lizz Durbin is the Creative Director + Program Administrator for Safe Communities (formerly known as Samaritan Safe Church / Safe Places), a local social justice movement building organization that educates parents and youth serving organizations about child sexual abuse (CSA), works with churches to develop child protection policies, and supports survivors of CSA. She has 10 years of experience in the local church, overseas ministry setting, and administrative office work. She feels passionately about the team’s work to raise awareness and build culture change within the church as an institution to end child sexual abuse.


Andrea McHenry

Setting The Captives Free

The Lord placed human trafficking on Andrea's heart many years ago and in 2010, she began to volunteer with the local organization, Freedom and Restoration for Everyone Enslaved (FREE). Andrea has been serving as the Executive Director of FREE since the fall 2015. Her desire is to continue to educate, equip and empower communities in Berks County (and beyond) to take a stand against human trafficking.  As a follower of Christ, she is called to be light in the darkness, which is why she is committed to being a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for victims and survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  She believes "every day people" can take a stand against human trafficking, and together we can make a difference in bringing justice to the enslaved in our local communities and around the world.

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Cathy J Hoshauer MD

It's Normal To Be Normal

A graduate of Albright College, Hahnemann University Medical School (Drexel) and M.S. Hershey Medical Center for Internship and Residency in Pediatrics, Dr. Hoshauer practiced pediatrics for nearly 30 years at Roseville Pediatrics in Lancaster. Since 1990, she been the provider of medical evaluations for child victims of sexual abuse in Lancaster County, working closely with Child Protective Services, law enforcement and the District Attorney's office. She was instrumental in creating the Lancaster County Children's Alliance, our nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center. She is now enjoying retirement with her husband of 40 years.


Susan Hall

Bystander Intervention

Susan Hall is an MSW graduate from University of New England. She is currently a Sexual Assault Counselor and Educator at the YWCA Lancaster’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center (SAPCC). Susan’s recent efforts at SAPCC have been on providing sexual assault counseling and primary prevention within the immigrant and refugee population here in Lancaster County.


Survivors Speak

Local Abuse Survivors Will Bravely Share Their Own Stories


Gloria Francis


Angela Barlow